Sunday, 28 April 2013

Importance Of Early Childhood Education

As it is rightly said that children are the base of any society, importance of early childhood education is needless to mention. Once the basement is strong, the structure is strong too. The first eight years of our lives which we know as childhood is like a pack of raw material. It is up to us what shape and strength we want to make out these materials. Early education in these years plays a pivotal role in building a society stronger, healthier and wiser. Children during this period learn through playing. Everything they come across is a new experience to them. During the initial stage of learning process, the cognitive domain of any child remains busy. Their psychomotor skills help them to acquire important experiences of their lives and interpret them in cognitive domain. This is the place where knowledge is known to be stored.
Not only education plays an important role in childhood, but also a good nutrition helps them to maintain a good mental health along with the physical health. Recent studies have shown that a child, who is send to preschool earlier, acquires better intelligence and skills. The overall development of the child who receives early education is definitely better than those who are sent late.
It is very unfortunate that even today many children are forced to do labor instead of going to school. By doing so, we actually neglect our society. We have to remember that in whatever way we treat our children, the society will be paid in the similar way in future. There are many NGOs today who have understood the importance of the early education of children and started working on the program. Programs like free preschool education for poor children along with free meal are undoubtedly an essential step towards this.
Every society is deeply bound to its inherited culture. We, the human being who together form a society, are the torch bearer of this culture. If we don�t educate our children properly, the culture that we have inherited from our ancestors will not be passed on. The culture that is mentioned here begins at childhood and goes on till the day we pass on. It is at this stage where a child starts understanding the essence of its own culture from his parents and relatives. Education helps this process in a great way. A child with the help of proper education not only starts understanding its own culture but also begins inculcating it. This in turn, becomes a concrete pillar of our society.

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